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Profili 2.30a [FULL Version] Download




Some new features in version 2.30b:1. All the functions to create links from any item to another are now in a new "Link" group. The "Link Group" is a toolbar icon near to the "Save" icon, under "Toolbar" group. When you select this icon, a small window will appear, showing the items that can be linked. Click on "new link" and a window will open, that contains some informations about the items that will be linked. If this items have any comments in their informations, a preview of the comment will be shown in this window.2. A dialog with the informations of the items that will be linked can be opened by clicking on the "link to:" item in the "List" window. If you select an item, a new dialog will open, showing the informations about the item that you selected.3. If you have selected an item that is not defined in the "linking items", a new menu is shown, with the items that can be linked. A new item "Undefined" is added in this menu, that let you create an new item, with a name and an informations.4. If you select the "Undefined" item, a new dialog will open, allowing you to define the item.5. If you selected an item that has already a link, in the "list" window, you can remove the link in the dialog with the "unlink" item.6. The size of the dialog with the informations of the linked items is changed a little bit. Now you can select the size of this dialog.7. The "link to:" item in the "list" window is in the Toolbar group, near to the "New page" icon, instead of near to the "Home" icon, as it is in the previous version.8. If you have defined an item, but the link is not working well, you can remove the link by right-clicking on the item, and choosing "delete link".9. The "disable link" item is in the "favorites" group, in the menu. You can add or remove the item in this menu, to remove the item's link from a page.10. Now you can select "case-sensitive" when you select the "Compare items with" item.11. Now you can select the side, that will be used to arrange the linked items.12. The color of the item




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Profili 2.30a [FULL Version] Download

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